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Program Overview

The debt free in 3 plan uses modern banking principles to quickly eliminate debt and build wealth. Rather than focusing on diminishing your  lifestyle to get out of debt, this strategy shows you how to significantly reduce the interest you pay, reduce your tax burden, and build wealth in a way that creates tremendous cash flow during retirement.

STEP 1: Watch the FREE webinar.

This  helps you determine if you are good fit for the program. The program is completely FREE and don't worry, we will never share or sell your email address to anyone.


Get educated on the principles and strategies of the debt free in 3 Plan reviewing the details on our site.

STEP 2: Schedule a FREE discovery session

Schedule a free discovery session with your debt free in 3 Plan specialist.

The purpose of the discovery session is for you to determine if the system will be a viable solution to your debt situation. We take an educational approach during this session. So come relaxed and ready to ask any questions you’d like, there is nothing for sale.

Here is what we will accomplish on this first meeting:

Click below to schedule with a specialist for your own personalized DF3 report.

Discover exactly when you will have all your debts paid.

Find out how much money you will save.

Receive a customized Debt Free in 3 report.

STEP 3: Begin your path to debt freedom!

Once you are armed with the tools and strategies of the debt free in 3 Plan you will be ready to start improving your financial life and start your path to debt freedom.


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It's not magic, it's just math combined with a few incredible strategies.

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